Our Services

Backed by robust project management techniques our services include:

Program review, implementation and evaluation and impact measurement: we can help you to identify improvement opportunities and arm you with evidence about effective practice. We adopt a range of methods to help you understand what works, for whom, why and in which contexts. We have deep experience in developing comprehensive monitoring and evaluation frameworks and using them to conduct robust evaluations. Quantitative and qualitative methodologies are implemented to ensure your lines of inquiry and evaluation questions are comprehensively answered.

Policy and program design: we assemble findings on which to form evidence based recommendations for policy and program design. Our approach seeks to understand the policy or program logic, context, community perspectives, research, evidence and relevant data. In providing advice we consider implementation requirements including the need to sequence actions to achieve outcomes.

Implementation planning: we develop practical, logical and sequenced plans of action across a wide range of time horizons. We design implementation plans clearly identifying capacity building and the enablers required to align implementation on the ground to policy intent.

Social policy research and community consultation: research evidence tells us that implementation is more effective when community ownership is strongly embedded within program and service design, management and governance. Our consultation skills are highly developed and we recognise and respect the wisdom and knowledge of communities as integral implementation partners.

Policy writing and presentation: we have deep capabilities in preparing succinct advice and plain English briefings, updates, discussion papers, presentations, communication materials and creative data visualisations.

Submissions and proposals: we assist organisations to craft compelling submissions to inquiries, winning proposals and successful funding applications.

Business transformation and redesign: the policy landscape is continually evolving and funded organisations need to be adaptable and agile. We have worked with a wide range of organisations facing organisational disruption as a result of policy and funding reforms and other external factors. This includes assisting organisations to reflect on their business practices, operational capability and the changes they need to consider in order to thrive and continue to meet the needs of their communities.

Business case support: we build the case for investment through assembling evidence and telling the story to demonstrate the relative merits of investment options. Thorough in our approach, we meld evidence and narrative together to build a compelling case to meet the needs of decision makers.

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