The Ravel Group partners with community, government and business to create and communicate unique solutions with lasting social value. 



Social policy is inherently complex. It often straddles more than one program area or one portfolio. The challenges it seeks to respond to are often intertwined, interconnected and interdependent. We understand this and bring real-world experience and highly developed consulting skills to clearly dissect challenges and develop creative and grounded solutions.


At Ravel we are driven by our commitment to contribute to public policy development and social policy reform.

We take pride in being a trusted advisor to governments backed by experience gathered from working for, and in, government. Our experience spans the continuum from policy development through to implementation and evaluation.

We embrace and nimbly navigate the complex interplay of Australian Government, state, territory and local government programs, funding and roles.

Within all this complexity we understand the power of clear communication and providing crisp and compelling advice.